Russia Visa VFS Dubai

Russia Visa VFS Dubai

Russia Visa VFS Dubai.

Russia Visa VFS Dubai required document is Passport and 1 photo graph however in 2021 Russia authorities have granted travel agent like and to process Russia Visa in Dubai.

Russia Visa Requirements

Visa Process If you applied for Russia visa, you can simply go to the next step. The visa application process from the embassy or consulate is just very simple, We can fill in the required fields and send the application Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here) It does not require any legal documentation at all. Please contact your visa provider to know about the requirements for different countries. Since we operate services for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The required documents are :

  • Passport
  • 1 Photo only.

How to get Russia Visa

In the first instance, you would require to check the visa requirement of Russia on the official website of the Embassy of Russia. After that, you will also need to prepare your request by completing the application form. In case you already have a Pre-Employment Visa or Passport then you can not apply for this Visa as it is required. The visa of Russia issued by a notary, should contain signature by a responsible person. It must be brought to the Embassy for visa filing. To get your visa you must have a Visa Waiver Programme Plus VFS approved airline ticket and Passport. VFS Approved airlines include Emirates, Royal Jordanian, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airways & Air India. The cost of the flight ticket for VFS approved airline is 5,000 AED. Why going through all this complicated requirement. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here) and get it done by providing Passport and 1 photo only.

How to apply for Russia Visa

Passport Other identity proof like Aadhaar Card, Bank Exempt Card, etc. Proof of ID such as School Certificate, Residence Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Passport, driving license or passport photo. Application fee In Moscow visa processing fee is 400$ for E-Visa. On Visa application in Dubai 500$. The demand for Cheap visa to Russia has increased with the creation of diplomatic relations between the countries in 2001. Additionally, most Middle East countries offer Visa at no extra cost to foreign travelers from China, India, and Turkey. For example, Kuwait, Dubai, and Sharjah offer visa on arrival for China, India, and Turkey, while Pakistan does not. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here). get it done by providing Passport and 1 photo only.


Russia Visa is needed by most of the people living in Dubai and seeking business and travel, most of the countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world have recognized Russian Visa as an international visa. To get Russian Visa in Dubai there are some requirements related to travelling and business for the different countries in the world. Every country has their own Visa Guideline. Dubai visa application is done by the company that provides the visa services and Dubai visa is the standard provided by Dubai based companies. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)


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