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Work Visa for Russia in Dubai

Work Visa for Russia From Dubai

Work visas are issued for UAE residence who enter the Russian Federation for the work purpose. The work visa can be a single or double entry for up to 90 days with the possibility of its extension at the migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by issuing a multiple entry visa for a period of no longer than 1 year. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

What are the requirements to get a Russian work visa?

All documents must be obtained in the prescribed format, while the documents submitted by the applicant must be in English, Russian, Arabic, or another regional language if the foreign applicant has stayed in the UAE for a maximum of 12 months. (Includes Private Home, Private School, Travel to Russia and approved papers) is a Dubai-based visa agency which offers bespoke packages for the full gamut of visas such as commercial packages, student visas, tourism visa, EEA visas, investor visa and more. They have dedicated departments for each of the packages such as EEA, Russian, Indian, Singaporean, Chinese and others. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

Documents required for a Russian work visa

The proof of completion of education Immigration card The declaration of employment Visa information for a foreigner in UAE (Russian) For further inquiries in regards to the requirements to receive a Russian work visa, please contact our Emirati immigration officials to ask for more information, e.g. the cost of the Russian visa and the destination. You can find the details of the Russian visa for the UAE here. About the Author One of the first professionally established visa agents in Dubai, visa services UAE offers visa assistance, a simple and effective process of visa application in Dubai. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

How to apply for a work visa

For a working holiday visa to the UAE you should be able to submit documentation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If your travel plans require you to work in the country, you may get an approval for a work visa within 15 days. How to apply for a Work Visa from Russia. Apply online and send in the necessary documents in a PDF format to [email protected] For more information on applying for a Russian work visa go Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

How to extend your visa

Before the 90-day work visa expires in the Russian Federation, you should apply for an extension at the migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will conduct an interview to decide whether to extend or not your visa. If you have been approved for the visa extension, you can apply for it at the . How to get a work visa in Dubai If you have been approved to stay in the Russian Federation for a full-time working activity for a year, it is necessary to apply for a work visa. For the work visa, you need to have a contract and a living situation. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

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