Russia Visa Invitation

Russia Visa Invitation from Dubai

How To Get A Russia Visa Invitation: A Step-By-Step Guide

There is several ways to get the Russia visa invitation from Dubai, Visit Urgent Travel dubai and they will provide complete guide. Beware of fake and unauthorized invitation online. Russia consulate in Dubai will not accept invitation from another country. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

What is the Russian Visa Invitation?

Russian Federation the largest country in the world celebrate its 170th anniversary. Many tour operators have invited the Russian Federation and as such a large number of tourists are coming to Russia. The visa application must be done on arrival of the visitor at the airport. How to get visa for Russia in Dubai visa center? Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here) Before you start the visa application you must read all the requirements of the visa application. If your visa application is incomplete and you fail to follow the requirement, it is considered as an invalid application. In the visa application you must provide all your personal details. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

4 Types of Visa Invitations

  1. Tourist Invitation
  2. Business Invitation (FMS)
  3. Sports Event Invitation
  4. Private Invitation.

How to Apply for the Visa

Provide all required documents with the application form. It can be submitted either through email or by calling the experts like Urgent Travel Dubai or Zabeel Travel Dubai. The process is you will need to send as much information as possible about your stay in Russia, including name, nationality, purpose of travel and the time of arrival. Once your application is accepted by the Consulate, you will receive the visa on your email. It will take about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the visa as many times as a consular official is requested to review the application before issuing the visa. You need to be notified if the visa is denied or rejected. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)to avoid any rejections.

What if I don’t have the invitation

How to get russia visa on in times of emergency? Russia Visa referral services When does Russia Consulate in Dubai Last Visit? How to Know your invite Number in URN Russian Visa referral services provides the current list of friends and business acquaintances that are supporting visa. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)


These visa services in Dubai are provided by very well known agencies in Dubai. One of the leading Russian Visa Agency in Dubai is Urgent Travel Dubai and Zabeel Travel at the highest standard of achievement in visa services and has very strong relationship with the Russian government agencies. Call +97143700400  visit our expert (click here)

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