Official Russia Visa Center

Official Russia Visa Center

Official Russia Visa Center: Your Complete Guide To Getting A Russia Visa

Russia Consulate appoints official Russia visa center and official travel agents like Urgent Travel and Zabeel Travel. UAE residence can apply Tourist Visa, Business Visa and Private visa.

Russian Consulate Appoints official Russia Visa Centers

Russia Consulate Appoints Official new Russia Visa Centers instead of VFS global. Travel agents such as Zabeel Travel and Tourism and Urgent Travel can assist in obtaining any type of Russia visa for UAE residence. They have over 15 Years experience in Dubai and also provide end to end assistance from your door step. No Queuing, No Appointment, No missing Document or also looking for parking. They have a unique service rated excellent on social media as well as google reviews. +97143700400

Applying for a Visa

Provide appoint agent with Passport and 1 photo only and they will provide you with Visa between 4-7 Days. Otherwise download visa application for Russian Visa. Download the complete Russian Visa Application Form . . Fill in the completed application. Filing the visa application form. Examining the application. Visa Issuance You can expect an answer in 8-10 working days from the date you filed the application.

Visa Types

Russia Visa for Business Travelers In order to get Russia Visa, you need to have a valid invitation from a business hotel in Russia or at least a business meeting at least 40 days prior to the trip. Residence Visa In Russia, you will not be allowed to work for more than 3 months if your company does not have Russian sponsorship. Private Visa For about 9 months you need a special permission of the Interior Ministry in Russia to stay in the country. Russian citizens can stay in the country as long as they have a private visa.  How To Get A Russia Visa? +97143700400

How To Pay For Your Visa

Pay online, Cash, or Bank Transfer, otherwise the official way is step-1 Pay for your visa at any Russian bank abroad. Step-2 Fill up the form online and get an e-voucher sent to you. Step-3 Pack the visa form and other necessary papers and send it back to the embassy. What You Will Be Accredited For? The visa can be taken to business, vacation, trade and medical purposes. Here are some reasons and areas in which it can be used: Residence permit: which is a requirement to enter a country. Residency permit: which is a requirement to enter Russia as a tourist. Expatriate: a person can receive it for any type of business, industry or personal travels. Tourist visa: for short-term (5 days or less) trips to the Russian Federation. Other types of visas: for one-time or long-term stays, which will depend on the purpose of your travel. Call +97143700400


According to official, 2017 tourism report from the Russian Ministry of Tourism, 8 million tourists visited Russia in 2019. The number of visitors has been rising for 9 consecutive years, with annual growth of about 5%. The main categories of tourists who came to Russia include Russian nationals (8 million), foreign citizens of about 2 million and US tourists. About 1.5 million tourists came from Europe, 370,000 from North America, about 250,000 from Asian and North African countries and the rest from all other regions of the world. +97143700400

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